Saturday, 27 February 2016

Top tips for a cba night

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Top tips for the perfect night in

Hiya x
Recently I have been loving having cosy nights in and I found some little things that make it the perfect night:
Make popcorn
This is kind of obvious but popcorn is actually pretty healthy compared to other snacks and just a tasty snack. To make mine I just use popcorn curnels and put them in a pan with oil.

Pick out the best movies
Nights in are no good if you don't have an entertaining movie, pick one from Netflix, amazon prime, dvds, where ever you keep your movies.

Create a cosy environment
Feeling uncomfortable will not make your night in any better, light some candles, fluff up your pillows and be dressed in pajamas or lounge wear. When I have nights in I like to build dens. 

Run a deep, hot bubble bath
Baths make you feel relaxed and tired and set you up for a perfect night.

Invite a friend round
Friends can always cheer you up and make everything more fun. Invite your best friend over so you can stay up all night in your cosy retreat.

So that's it, I hope your night is perfect!
C u xx

P.s. Credit to the owners of the photos:

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